Puerto Peñasco Paradise

October 30 – November 6, 2016

My very bestus buddy Marion talked me into picking her up in Phoenix and driving 3 1/2 hours south, across the border into Old Mexico. I agreed first because I love to travel anywhere with her and second, there was a beach and funky little Mexican town at the end of the drive. The bonus was it was before the election and there wasn’t a Trump Wall to keep us out. In fact the border crossings were a breeze. Seems like they don’t want to scare away the gringo tourists.

I fell in love with *Puerto Peñasco the very first day (aka *Rocky Point).  Our park was right on the beach. A kickin bar and restaurant were a stone’s throw away. The back deck of Big Mo was just 150 feet from the Sea of Cortez. Over the course of the ensuing days we snorkeled the reef right off the beach (endless schools of multi-colored fish), played bocci, drank gallons of tequila and Mexican beer, took a timeshare tour (to get discounted horseback riding and ATVing), ate fresh seafood (this place is known for its shrimping), basked in incredible sunsets and helped recharge the spiritual world by fulfilling our crystal burying mission (more on that later). Check out our spot in paradise….

Two big events would take place during the week…. Halloween and a day later, Marion’s birthday.  Seems that in Mexico, Halloween is strictly for the kids (unlike the adult holiday in the US). Another camper warned us to get some candy. We went into town and got a shit load but we soon figured we didn’t have nearly enough! Every kid in town must have come out to the park to get treats. “Tricky, tricky Halloween!” was the chant. I ran out for a second load of sweets and when they ran out we popped all the popcorn I had and bagged it in 50 freezer bags I had.  Must have been well over 200 kids.

The next day being Marion’s birthday and start of  Dia de los Muertos we just had to start celebrating. Got quite toasted at our bar, Wrecked at the Reef. Made the bartender whip up a Velvet Hammer for the birthday girl. Partied well after the park’s curfew but what the hell – this was Mexico. No rules!  Pretty nice impromptu dress-up wouldn’t you say?

We were also on a mission for peace in the world. We were designated emissaries acting as vital instruments in the cosmic world of crystals and positive energy.  Our quest was to find the perfect place to bury a beautiful arrangement of ten golf ball-sized Merkaba crystals with Tetrahedron Geometry somewhere in the surrounding desert, log the GPS coordinates and report back to mission control in Colorado.  We actually did this last year (although we dropped them in the water) further down the Baja Peninsula near Las Animas eco-camp. See the video from last November.  We ATV’d it up a nearby hill and found the perfect spot overlooking two bays and the Sea of Cortez.  Now that they are in line with others in the universe, I can feel them working!  Yes, I’m sunbaked and weird.

Funny story, as it turns out the crystals weren’t the only thing we buried in the desert. Three days before we were to check out and return to the US, I was rummaging around the RV storage area and came across a large Mason jar of Westcliffe-grown medicinal herbage I forgot that I had stashed for emergencies.  No bueno for that possibility of a border inspection awaiting ahead. Not wanting to spend life behind bars in an Arizona prison we decided to bury the weed so we could return some day and smoke it up. We motored into the desert and made a mental pirate’s map. Never thought I’d be a drug runner INTO Mexico! We buried it and celebrated with a beer. Vaya con dios Mexico!  I WILL be back!


5 thoughts on “Puerto Peñasco Paradise

  1. You dog, missing 1st snowfall back here in Colorado. Get ready to drive that train to Pasadena for the PSU-CU Rose Bowl!!! Waaaaaa


  2. What a great Rocky Point story! We’ve been going there for years as Rick’s cousin from Phoenix has a home there. Absolutely love the place. We’ll be back there in March. So what are the coordinates for the hidden weed?


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