My Home on the Highway


October 13, 2016

Been a while since my last post.  What was supposed to be a 3 week stop in Boulder County ended up being 5 weeks due to unforeseen warranty work that needed to be done on Big Mo. Had fun with friends but I learned that patience and an ability to roll with surprises is a virtue required by all trailer owners. All’s well now and I’m back on that long lonesome road. Look for my next post shortly on Carlsbad, New Mexico!

Many of you have asked about my new home and just how rough I have it.  Believe me, most days are torture having to shower like I’m in the military, try not to get burned while heating my coffee water in the microwave, turn on the fireplace if there’s a chill in the air, search for dinner in my cavernous double door fridge and click thru 500 Direct TV channels looking for something good to watch on my big screen HDTV. But I have managed to survive.  Being in new places, with cool parks, rivers, mountains and trails to explore seems to help.

Going from 4,000 sq feet to just over 500 (counting my 2 decks) took some doing but I’m getting use to it.  Feels good to have jettisoned all that superfluous baggage and never used possessions. Try it sometime! And as for mobile comfort and having all the basics I now need, the following pics will enlighten you on my current living situation….



4 thoughts on “My Home on the Highway

    • Love to include both on my future travels! As I write I’m set up on the beach in Puerto Penasco looking across the water at Baja! Had to celebrate another birthday with Marion plus bury some more energy crystals to connect with those we placed near Las Animas! Life is good!!


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