Kicking it in Kalispell

August 15-27, 2016

Why did it take me six decades to get up to see Glacier National Park?  They say all the glaciers will be gone by 2020 so I’m glad I did.  In this case it’s true, simple words fail to capture the awesomeness of this place. i-Phone photos as well.

Checked into Mountain Hi RV Park and first explored Kalispell and the Flathead Lake region. Big blue lake surrounded by endless cherry and huckleberry stands and mega million dollar homes. The five county fair was on so my pick-up truck fit right in. Would have taken the trophy had I entered it into the Demolition Derby. The big day was Saturday when I headed northeast into the Park to do Going-to-the-Sun Road.

I had my concerns.  The width and length of my truck was pushing the legal limits on this restricted byway. But F**k it, I’m going anyway! A few sections were tight and thank God there were few oncoming cars. The scenery almost pulled me off the road a number of times. If you’ve never done it – YOU MUST! Trail Ridge in Rocky Mountain NP is amazing. This is just as stunning in a different way. Saw countless peaks, mountain goats, wildflowers, a broke down station wagon from Arkansas and more than a few giant ice-fields (former glaciers I guess). Drove the east side, north to Many Glacier and did a 6 mile hike around Lake Josephine near Grinnell Glacier. Sign at the start recommended you don’t hike alone due to the bears and such. Again, I threw care to the wind, strapped on my new can of bear spray and went anyway. Jaw-dropping scenery around every bend.  No bears – just an aggressive chipmunk who wanted my almonds. A hiker did say a moose was sited 15 minutes ago down by the lake. Moose-schmoose. I wanted to see a Grizz

Checked out Two Medicine Lake and valley later that day enroute back to West Glacier & Kalispell. Another hidden wonder.  North Fork Road on the remote northwest side of the Park is my destination this Friday. Plan to do a short hike to Hidden Meadow to see if I can use that bear spray.  More later…..

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