North Fork & Salmon River Country

August 8-15

Leaving hot and sunny Elko I have 422 miles to cover to get to my next destination: Wagonhammer RV Resort in North Fork, Idaho.  I decide to break it into two legs so I booked a night in Arco, ID at Mountain View Park. Drove through Craters of the Moon NM and more lava anyone needs to see in a lifetime. Note on Arco: it was the first city in the world to be lit by atomic power AND the USA’s only fatal nuclear accident occurred here in 1961. Got out of there early the next day.

Forgot how gorgeous Idaho is. Mountains everywhere!  Soon I was following the Salmon River and the route Lewis & Clark took to the Pacific. Didn’t know Salmon, ID was where Sacajawea was born, which bode well for L & C. Rolled into Wagonhammer and set up for a full week.  The Salmon River flows just 150 feet away!

Had to check out the town of Salmon. Did a food run at Saveway and stopped in for some good Mexican food at Fiesta En Jalisco – long wait but worth it.  Had the camarones combo and dos Negra Modelos. During the week I fit in some PR work (I’m not retired you know), met some fellow campers at happy hour (big question as I’m from Colorado was what I thought about legal pot which I indicated my wholehearted approval for) and did a good hike on a deserted and very pretty trail that followed the actual route Lewis & Clark took through the mountains here (felt the spirit of old Meriwether – did you know Lewis is my middle name?). Then took a drive down the Salmon River, past the confluence with the Middle Fork and to road’s end at Corn Creek (where folks put in for the 5-6 day Main Salmon trip). Saw day rafters, mountain goats, pictographs, some big fish and a few easy rapids. What a clear, beautiful waterway! Have to someday return to raft the Middle and Main.

Next stop? Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park outside of Kalispell, Montana and Glacier NP. Just 233 scenic miles through Missoula, past Flathead Lake and into the crown jewel of America’s National Parks!


One thought on “North Fork & Salmon River Country

  1. So many new facts! Keep em coming! Did you know that my mom, in her mid fifties, widowed and alone, decided to buy an RV and hit the road to head west? I must have some Dave-O adventure somewhere in my genes! Love experiencing yours through this blog.


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