The Adventure Begins

Star Date July 31, 2016

Finally THE day has come.  After two months of preparation, satellite dish and wiring fixes, two shakedown cruises, a raft trip and Moab vacation with my buddy Marion, two or three going away parties and some soul searching (am I crazy?  Don’t answer that), I’m off. Thanks Ann E. for the wonderful sanctuary…. Salt Lake City here I come!

Heavy head winds in Wyoming (decided to do the northern route via I-80) and a white-out hail storm west of Rock Springs give me a whopping 6.7 miles per gallon. Filled up 3 times! Pulled into the KOA at 6 pm, made a killer cocktail and passed out.

Four days, two client meetings, a great meal at Spitz downtown (stumbled upon it – funky soul music on the sound system – yep JB, Smokey, Temps…) and memorable “Mediterranean street food” made it a quick but sweet journey.  My rigs are performing admirably!  Next stop Elko, NV home of the biggest Cowboy Poetry Gathering in the world.


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