Wiggonwheels – a momentous journey into this land we call America

Welcome to my blog, or perhaps more accurately… my ramblings as I ramble.  At best you’ll find some fun stories, interesting facts, cool places to eat, sleep, hike and drink. At worst I’ll offer you things you’ll soon want to forget. But that’s life. Thanks for joining me as I cruise America’s back roads in my 43′ Fifth-Wheel I call “Big Mo” and if you are so brave – join me on the road during one of my many segments to help uncover what this country truly is. Be it magic or tragic, we are in for a wild ride!

Dave Wiggins – written somewhere along the Salmon River, RT 93 in Idaho.


9 thoughts on “Wiggonwheels – a momentous journey into this land we call America

  1. Fun! Looking forward to following along with your journey. If you’re ever hankering to see the East Tennessee Appalachian Mountains, you are always welcome to park your rig at my place!


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